Meet the team behind Teatime&Tofu!

Jenelyn Bacani

In the middle of an unfamiliar grocery store, I would all of a sudden realize that I’m holding a salmon in my left hand and an oyster sauce in my right. I would pause inattentively for a few good seconds. A huge bubble thought clouding above me. “Wait. This isn’t me. I don’t cook. Who am … Continue reading Jenelyn Bacani

May Dignadice

Although numbers and calculators are my craft, the immense passion for beauty, color and fashion has always lived inside me. My kikay side always radiates in my personality that no one could guess that I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession. Yes, I’m not your typical engineer in a baggy jeans and oversized shirt since then. … Continue reading May Dignadice

Kath Dizon

I have this endless interest and curiosity about life and the people around me. I’d be sharing with you some things I’ve learned and most things I’ve experienced. Take time to read it, hoping you’ll take away something every time you visit.  

Angel Gonzales

  In 2013, I decided to move to the U.S. and at the same time create a blog MyPurplePages, which will document my travel adventures, food trips, fashion finds and so much more. My biggest dream is to tour the world, have endless road trips, and explore the unknown. Sharing my passion is one of my … Continue reading Angel Gonzales

Geni Gonzales

I’m the girl all the way from our home base the Philippines. Yes I call it that because we were all born and raised here, real life just got in the way. Though some of us transplanted our roots to different cities, we’re still all very much connected and this blog proves it. I have … Continue reading Geni Gonzales