Where To Bring Your Girl This Valentine’s Day in Dubai

Going out on Valentine’s Day seems overrated. I know. Cheesy. Mushy. To a point of being gross from a pessimist’s Point of View. But just the fact that you have someone to cuddle and hold hands with, on a still freezing month here in Dubai is something to be grateful for.  Trust me when I say, people get by with loneliness because they have to. But no matter how solid we are with our ideologies, we can never fake the fact that we need someone. May it be a friend, a lover, a child, a sister or a colleague. You need one. You need to feel loved and cared for. We are not designed to be alone. And that’s what makes us human. And no matter how much we compensate with the superficial extravagance the world offers, a warm hug and a strong hand are still better than a pair of winter boots and a nice cardigan. Soft lips and fingers running through your hair are still better than a cold bottle of beer or driving a Meserati on a fast lane (Okay maybe some would prefer a sports car than all these. That’s your call.)

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Dubai Checklist: 15 Things you need before relocating to UAE for work

If not for the clear wide roads and flashy skyscrapers, you will start to make yourself believe you’re somewhere along EDSA just by taking the bus. So in case it’s your first time to go out of the country, out of your hometown, out of your comfort zone. In case you’re a worrywart like me who panics about trivial things. Relax. You will never be LOST in Dubai. Even say you’re English sucks badly, you will surely find a KABAYAN wherever you go. Nobody needs good English around here.

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Dubai Winter: What to Wear & Want to Wear

It sounds absurd to have it called  “winter”. You won’t find any Olaf wandering around Sheikh Zayed Rd. No white cold coatings on trees, power lines, roadways, rooftop or chimneys (why would they have chimneys?)

But after my experience a few days ago. I have to agree. It’s winter in UAE man!

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Who Spilled all my Creative Juices in the Kitchen?!



Source: Giulia Bernardelli

I just stopped writing one day. And I wonder if it’s because I couldn’t think of anything fancy, sensible or interesting to share, which is ironic because now I can’t say life is boring anymore. It’s totally the other way around. Overwhelmingly confusing and strikingly bizarre are probably the right words to define it.

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