Why You Should Marry a Latebloomer

You have no idea how many single girlfriends I still have at the moment. Thank God recently there has been some kind of a bizarre chain reaction somewhere in the cosmos that 2 of my girls have recently been found “committed”.  Wow like it’s a crime or something. TWO SINGLE LADIES…FOUND… COMMITTED… (Twilight Zone background music please) It’s kinda eerie I know. Who broke the curse?! Damn it! I thought we were SOLID!

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Why Being In A Relationship is Just Plain Awesome

You may be single in this month of love, by choice or by circumstance. But being in a relationship is still something to look forward to. The reason might be simple, silly, or even practical. We get it, no judgments here. Because though we love our single independent life, we also welcome changing our ‘love’ status.

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Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate V-Day

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive and there are a hundred ways to show your partner how much you love him/her.

I’ve put together a list of fun and inexpensive ways you and your significant other can enjoy hearts day this year. Whether you are short on funds or you simply want to avoid a large crowd in restaurants, here are some frugal tips to help you celebrate V-Day.

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Where To Bring Your Girl This Valentine’s Day in Dubai

Going out on Valentine’s Day seems overrated. I know. Cheesy. Mushy. To a point of being gross from a pessimist’s Point of View. But just the fact that you have someone to cuddle and hold hands with, on a still freezing month here in Dubai is something to be grateful for.  Trust me when I say, people get by with loneliness because they have to. But no matter how solid we are with our ideologies, we can never fake the fact that we need someone. May it be a friend, a lover, a child, a sister or a colleague. You need one. You need to feel loved and cared for. We are not designed to be alone. And that’s what makes us human. And no matter how much we compensate with the superficial extravagance the world offers, a warm hug and a strong hand are still better than a pair of winter boots and a nice cardigan. Soft lips and fingers running through your hair are still better than a cold bottle of beer or driving a Meserati on a fast lane (Okay maybe some would prefer a sports car than all these. That’s your call.)

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That Moment

Every girl has a her own share of heartbreak. Whether it be from a man who broke her heart deeply or from being NBSB – which sucks the same way.

But for a girl to have a happy-ever-after-kinda thing, that’s a whole different story. Not everyone gets to be part of that statistics.

Thirty two years of my life, most of which I spent writing about how I have fallen in love with a guy and how it ended up heavily, most of them without a warning sign. It just happens. And then I just got sick of writing personal drama, I started doodling houses and nursery rhyme animals – just to unplug my thoughts somewhere. I know it’s pathetic.

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