Dubai Checklist: 15 Things you need before relocating to UAE for work

If not for the clear wide roads and flashy skyscrapers, you will start to make yourself believe you’re somewhere along EDSA just by taking the bus. So in case it’s your first time to go out of the country, out of your hometown, out of your comfort zone. In case you’re a worrywart like me who panics about trivial things. Relax. You will never be LOST in Dubai. Even say you’re English sucks badly, you will surely find a KABAYAN wherever you go. Nobody needs good English around here.

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From Resolutions to Commitments

It’s the New Year…a time for change for most, a start of new beginnings for some. For us, we love making lists. Resolutions, to be exact.  We usually stay true to it for the first few months then completely forget about it for the rest of the year, and yet we still do it. That’s why for this year to be different, we decided to share just one thing we will truly commit ourselves to for the next 12 months, no matter what.

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Dubai Winter: What to Wear & Want to Wear

It sounds absurd to have it called  “winter”. You won’t find any Olaf wandering around Sheikh Zayed Rd. No white cold coatings on trees, power lines, roadways, rooftop or chimneys (why would they have chimneys?)

But after my experience a few days ago. I have to agree. It’s winter in UAE man!

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10 Things I Love About Canada

It was the fourth of July. While the Americans were celebrating Independence Day, me and my boyfriend Ken were celebrating the second phase of our world travel adventure. Our own awesome version of Independence day – continuous travel!

We’ve almost visited all the Asian countries on our first year together, and now it’s time to fly halfway around the world.

Our first destination…the land of Maple Leaf, Canada.

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That Moment

Every girl has a her own share of heartbreak. Whether it be from a man who broke her heart deeply or from being NBSB – which sucks the same way.

But for a girl to have a happy-ever-after-kinda thing, that’s a whole different story. Not everyone gets to be part of that statistics.

Thirty two years of my life, most of which I spent writing about how I have fallen in love with a guy and how it ended up heavily, most of them without a warning sign. It just happens. And then I just got sick of writing personal drama, I started doodling houses and nursery rhyme animals – just to unplug my thoughts somewhere. I know it’s pathetic.

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