Off the Beaten Path for Dining

I love discovering dining places far from any main roads or towns. It’s also an absolute bonus if I find a restaurant brimming with fascinating stories.  Allow me to take you on another date as we visit a local eatery that serves delicious Japanese noodles.

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

I recently moved to New York and I’m still trying to settle in. Other than the usual “I just move in” activities such as cleaning the house or putting my stuff in their respective place, I would spend most of my time looking and applying for jobs. I have been invited to a few job interviews and I’m crossing my fingers hoping to finally get an offer soon.

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Why You Should Marry a Latebloomer

You have no idea how many single girlfriends I still have at the moment. Thank God recently there has been some kind of a bizarre chain reaction somewhere in the cosmos that 2 of my girls have recently been found “committed”.  Wow like it’s a crime or something. TWO SINGLE LADIES…FOUND… COMMITTED… (Twilight Zone background music please) It’s kinda eerie I know. Who broke the curse?! Damn it! I thought we were SOLID!

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Why Being In A Relationship is Just Plain Awesome

You may be single in this month of love, by choice or by circumstance. But being in a relationship is still something to look forward to. The reason might be simple, silly, or even practical. We get it, no judgments here. Because though we love our single independent life, we also welcome changing our ‘love’ status.

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Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate V-Day

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive and there are a hundred ways to show your partner how much you love him/her.

I’ve put together a list of fun and inexpensive ways you and your significant other can enjoy hearts day this year. Whether you are short on funds or you simply want to avoid a large crowd in restaurants, here are some frugal tips to help you celebrate V-Day.

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