Throw In Some Herbs Into Your Everyday Fare

Whether you just want to amp up your dish, or you just got tons of excess greens you don’t know what to do about, you could still use some in meals that are part of your everyday meal staple.

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Little Bits About Chia Seeds

I first learned about chia seeds from a friend, it’s Kath (another contributor), if you want to be specific. How she raved about it got me curious. Being that I’m finding ways to eating healthy the lazy-girl way, I went ahead and bought my own bag of seeds.

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Turmeric Tea Drink

How about turmeric for a drink?

I don’t like how sodas make you thirstier and bloated. Yes, it’s a quick fix if you’re feeling dehydrated and running low on energy, do your body a favor and skip it. Think twice in having a can or glass of soda next time, drink a glass of water instead. Feel your body if it needs more liquid, more likely it would and it would want something with flavor.

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