All Day Breakfast and More

If you love to eat breakfast not just in the morning, here’s a place that you would absolutely adore. My boyfriend and I accidentally discovered this local diner while we were on our way home from church. I noticed the parking lot crowded with vehicles and that piqued our interest.

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Fresh Off the Grill: Wahl… Burgers


I’m a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg and my fascination for him intensified when I found out he’s a big supporter of the Philippines’ Pambansang Kamao (National Fist), Manny Pacquaio. You could also imagine my excitement when I learned about his burger joint in Massachusetts.

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America’s Oldest Restaurant

I’m the type of girl who loves to cook and eat. You would practically see me munching on just about any food. But if someone would ask me on a date, I prefer to eat seafood more than burger or pasta. There is always a temptation linked to it, which is why it did not take me a long time to decide where to dine on my first trip to Boston. The experience came with an extra treat since I visited the oldest restaurant in Bean Town.

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