The Proper Way to Clean Your Face

Ever heard of the beauty finger? Gently pat dry and don’t rub? These are some of the common lathering habits that are important for your daily beauty routine. Don’t panic if you don’t know what a beauty finger is. I had no idea what it was until I took a basic makeup class.

Sometimes you cause more harm than good if you don’t wash your face the right way. I’m not a beauty expert, but I love to read topics that focuses on health and beauty. Here are some of the beauty tips I’ve learned over the years.

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May’s Pick: SHISEIDO Perfect Cleansing Oil

On my fourth month of travelling, I caught myself in the midst of fall and early winter season of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Locals would often tag the province of Ontario as having a harsh cold weather, and as an Asian girl coming from a tropical country, I never had any idea of how “harsh” it could be, aside from the fact that cold weather means drying of skin as far as vanity is concerned. But on the other hand, having good skin is more than just slapping on a moisturizer, the practice of double cleansing involves using a makeup remover, cleansing (formulas include cleansing oils, gels and lotions), followed by a gentle foaming cleanser to remove any remaining residue (these water-based cleansers remove sweat and dust). So I am in a quest of finding the perfect make-up remover to include in my favorite skin-care product collections.

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