Something magical happens when we sit in that tiny cozy tea shop. Perhaps the aroma of milk, sugar and honey draws us back to that place giving proper ventilation to great ideas and beautiful stories. A thousand thoughts were poured out and laid bare on that wooden white table. Stories that smelled like fresh grass in the morning and blueberry pancakes in the kitchen. Stories that sounded like raindrops on a rooftop, squeaking bicycle and swing, and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Stories that resembles a box of crayons, layers of ice cream on a cone and worn out pages of your favorite book.

Now that we’re all apart, exploring different cities and unraveling secret doors to life, love and the bewildering future ahead of us, we would have to share things differently.

And we want you to be part of our Tea Time & Tofu Nights.

Five ladies. Five Cities. And a plate of happy ever afters.

Enjoy your Tea & Have a good read everyone!