All Day Breakfast and More

If you love to eat breakfast not just in the morning, here’s a place that you would absolutely adore. My boyfriend and I accidentally discovered this local diner while we were on our way home from church. I noticed the parking lot crowded with vehicles and that piqued our interest.


Alexis Diner in Troy, NY

Alexis Diner is located on the outskirts of Troy, NY. It’s the usual diner setting, but with a stunning scenery outside.

Whether you’re a fan of bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes or toast, this eatery will surely satisfy your food craving. They offer lunch and dinner specials too.


First meal at Alexis Diner.

Nosh on their corned beef hash with eggs and toast. I ordered their homemade Belgian waffle together with bacon, eggs, ham and sausage. Of course, I never skip my morning meal without a cup of joe. We also ordered biscuits and everything was simply delish!


Our second visit at Alexis Diner, adding blueberries and whip cream on my waffle.

Sate your appetite by adding blueberries and whip cream on your waffle. It was our second visit and I thought to put a twist on their delicious waffle, which made my dining experience more delightful.


Crab Cakes Benedict

We went on Good Friday so Edward ordered Crab Cakes Benedict with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It was uuhhhhhh-mazing!


Finally snagged a booth on our third visit plus this amazing view.

You can snag a booth for a not so busy day. I brought my own coffee and enjoyed every sip while looking at this incredible view.


The usual, please?

I simply can’t get enough of their waffle so I ordered another round on our third visit. I added ham, bacon, sausage and over medium eggs. Edward got the corned beef sandwich with fries. I don’t usually eat coleslaw, but I can get used to eating it now. It was the best coleslaw I’ve tasted in my entire existence.


I hope you enjoyed today’s menu and there’s more to come. I’ll explore new places and make sure to share it with you soon. Check out all the tasty items on Alexis Diner‘s website. Be sure to stop by if you’re visiting New York’s Capital Region.

That’s it for now and see you on my next food adventure!



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