LINE LOVIN’: Penshoppe Gets Noticed

I’ve never been a die hard fan of any fashion line, local or international. It’s usually me loving a few key pieces of random brands from different seasons. Still, I have love for local labels here in the PH. So when global brands like H&M, Zara, Topshop, and the likes started coming in, I got a bit worried. But when the people from Bustle took notice of a home-grown brand, I got a bit nostalgic. It took me back to days when Penshoppe was my go-to store back in college.

Remember the black shirt with lace sleeves that I talked about (Go Simple With an Edge), you guessed right, it was from Penshoppe. I had to part ways with it though because overtime the color faded. Around that time was when they tapped their first international celebrity for an ad campaign. That time it was Mandy Moore, fast forward to now (with a slew of celebrities and models in between)…we have Kendall Jenner. The It model was the right choice for their Urban Rebels campaign because now I want to revisit the store and buy one or two pieces.

Here are some that I’m currently coveting.

White ShirtA girl needs the perfect white button-down shirt and I think I found mine.

That BagIf I was still going to school I’d definitely have this bag.

Cara TopBefore Kendall, Cara Delevingne was the other ‘It Girl’ fronting the campaign.

JacketLoving that two-toned jacket from their Holiday 2014 collection.

Hat+JacketThat floppy hat is love and the leather jacket is a good addition to my wardrobe.

Head on over to the Penshoppe website to see the whole collection.

Which one is your favorite?


Photos: Penshoppe


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