STYLE TIPS: Lessons in Fashion…First Five

I first tried blogging to basically organize my thoughts and post random musings. When I got into decorating, I decided to focus on sharing my journey through design. But then I can’t help but go back to something that’s also close to my heart…fashion. Before you get any ideas, I’m not a fashion expert nor do I consider myself a fashionista (so no OOTD posts here). I just figured out my style, stuck with it, switching it up once in a while.

Since I’ve started talking about fashion I think it’s apt to share with you some styling tips that personally worked for me. What I’ll be sharing are some things I learned over the years, much like trial and error. Also I’ll be posting this in two parts. I have so much to say that it warrants two entries.

So here are the first five of the things I learned about fashion…so far.


Black, for me and for so many, exudes elegance.  Think of Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and the LBD.  I don’t mind wearing head-to-toe black. It’s actually my fail safe, go-to style. From casual to formal, black never failed me. Another benefit? It’s slimming. Given the right accessories, I’m good to go.


Black and gold always work well together.


I remember back in college, I had this basic black shirt. Simple right? But what I loved about it was its sleeves were made of lace (the time when laces were not yet a trend, like now). That’s one way I do the look, here are other ways to do it…

When wearing a monochromatic look, do it in different textures. An eye catching accessory or shoes in different color will work as well.


The Russian fashionista is perfectly coordinated in her neutrals.

When wearing a simple/basic cut, one area has to stand out.

The cutout detail made a difference in this simple dress.

The cutout detail made a difference in this simple dress.

When wearing something too feminine, make sure to wear one masculine accessory or article of clothing. Then vice versa.

With Love 1

The look got a feminine touch with these killer heels.

The look got a feminine touch with these killer heels.


I have some rules in wearing accessories. If I’m wearing dangling earrings, I don’t wear a necklace. But if they’re studded earrings, a necklace is ok. I tend to wear a watch, bracelet, and ring on my right hand. So I just wear 2 articles at a time, a ring and a watch or a ring and a bracelet. I try to keep my accessories simple but there are exceptions…

Wear a statement necklace when wearing something simple or if the neckline of your clothing can handle it.

Statement Necklace

Her statement necklace is a chic addition to her simple ensemble.

When piling on accessories, concentrate on one area.

There's some serious arm candy envy here.

There’s some serious arm candy envy here.

When wearing big earrings be careful to not over do it.

Earrings like these are pretty just make sure you won't fall over them.

Earrings like these are pretty just make sure you won’t fall over them.

Multiple rings are ok but make sure it goes well with the others. Don’t wear too much chunk.

Song of Style

Wear your rings like this or stack them together.


Well…sometimes. I might get a flak for this because garters do wonders to clothes we buy off-the-rack. So it can’t be helped, we’ll eventually own 2 or more in our lifetime. I actually have some. But what I do is I go by a simple rule when buying. It has to be blend with the cloth or unnoticeable, if possible. I buy those clothes with thin garters, so a big no no to waists with large garters. And you will never see me wearing a top or a dress with full on garters at the back.

Camille Co

One style tip…hide garters under belts.


They say trends come and go…and comes back again. There’s a reason why I stick with my basic, classic look. It’s a lot safer. But then there are moments I try to inject trends on my wardrobe. I’m thankful for the invention of skinny jeans though I’d love to a have a pair of bell bottoms. I have one peplum blouse and I’d love to have a pleated skirt. So you see there’s nothing wrong with trends, just know the right trend for you.

She wears the cropped top well but not everyone can pull of this look.

She wears the cropped top well but not everyone can pull of this look.

What have you learned about fashion so far?


If you want more here’s the last five styling tips.

Photos: Lauren ConradVanessa Jackman, Net-a-PorterFrom Brussels With LoveMake Life Easier, The Beauty Blog, Style Caster, Song of StyleCamille Tries To Blog, Atlantic-Pacific



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